How to gently shock people into getting what you want

How to gently shock people into getting what you want

In negotiation there is a technique called ‘anchoring’. Anchoring is where the first offer you make becomes the anchor around which all other offers are considered. Anchoring allows you to set the boundaries of the negotiation, no matter how wild or unrealistic they may be.  

You may have heard this classic example of setting one expectation against which everything else seems a lot more acceptable!… 

A teenage girl says to her parents, “Mum, Dad…. I have some bad news....I’m pregnant.”

Then she adds, “Just kidding! But I did fail my exam.”  

Whatever comes after the initial information, is considered in relation to that information. The crazy thing about this technique is that even when people know it’s a technique, and they know it’s being used on them, it still works. 

Next time you want some time off at work and don't think you’ll get it, try anchoring.  

“Could I have next week off?” 

“The whole week?  At such short notice??  I’m afraid that’s not going to be possible.”  

“Ok. How about just next Friday instead?”  

“Hmm. I think that can be arranged.” 

Bingo! Anchoring at it’s best. 

Let me know how you go. 

 'Til next time.