What her clients say

December 2018

“Anneli is one to watch! So far we have had 50 of our high performing women at Mercedes-Benz, from across the business, graduate from the program and the feedback we have received has been incredible. In the space of months, Anneli is able to grow the confidence and/or clout of every single participant to new heights. Anneli’s passion for women and truly inclusive workplaces is real and compelling. She understands that in order to make genuine progress in regards to gender equality, everyone must be included in the conversation regularly. The way she leads such open dialogues (with men and women) on the topic is inspiring to witness and truly, changing the game.”

Director of HR, Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific

September 2018

“I was skeptical about the value of coaching at first. I wasn't sure about sharing information or exposing my weaknesses, but have found it extremely useful. I had great feedback from my staff members that I have shown a considerable transformation since I started working with Anneli on my leadership skills. I've focused on listening more, asking more questions and showing greater patience. Coaching has also helped me understand myself and others better as well as helping me adapt my behavior depending on my audience. Self improvement looks to me like a never ending 'challenge, but I really feel great support from Anneli on that journey.”

Peter Kendzorra
Daimler Trucks and Bus

December 2016

"I first saw Anneli present at a conference I attended and I was very impressed with how she handled what was a relatively dry and challenging audience. In my constant desire to bring the best providers to EY I looked into how we could use Anneli’s obvious expertise in influence and communication to support our people in developing these skills. The initial route was through her coaching services and she has coached a number of our Directors in their executive presence and impact, and the feedback has been impressive, not only from the individuals themselves, but also from those who work closely with them.

Anneli is one of those impressive individuals who fits an awful lot into her working life – an accomplished speaker, mentor, author and a highly experienced coach, and I am very appreciative that we get to work with her at EY."

James Skinner
Oceania Partner Development & Coaching Psychologist
Talent, Ernst & Young

March 2016

"Anneli stepped into a women's leadership program for new & emerging communities as the opening speaker.
The energy, laughter, insight and ideas sparked from her opening comments in 10 minutes set the tone for the entire program. We had fantastic feedback and it was a treat to see the room respond and connect to her honest and skilled approach.

Saya Lorback
Program Facilitator | Project Management | Leadership Development Consultant
Leadership Victoria           

October 17, 2014

“Best MC ever, well done. Your dynamic energy lifted everyone’s spirits and you kept people focused and engaged. You did an awesome job facilitating the evening’s program and the awards presentation was a fantastic success.” 

Rob Clarke
Author and Founder/CEO
LearnX Foundation

September 2013

"In a recent gathering of Women Entrepreneurs from WCEI (Women Chiefs of Enterprise), Anneli Blundell captured the essence of the importance of communication and it's impact on the effectiveness of an organisation. Anneli offered thought provoking methodology and suggested ways to the group that would improve our productivity using techniques that will enhance our businesses and relationships with both staff and customers. 
In her excellent presentation, it was evident that Anneli had considerable expertise in this discipline and possessed an ability herself to communicate effectively to her audience."

Diane Tompson
Managing Director
The Powercom Group 

September 19, 2013

"Anneli is a very skilled and engaging coach. She has a flexible and thoughtful coaching style, which brings her client's strengths into focus and helps them successfully move past roadblocks. She actively works to share and develop her coaching skills and abilities, and is a generous contributor in International Coach Federation (ICF) professional development activities. As the professional development coordinator for ICF Victoria, I invited Anneli to do a live coaching demo at a professional development workshop. Her session provided a great opportunity for discussion and continued learning within the group."

Michael Muetzelfeldt
Executive Coach
Institute of Executive Coaching

January 2013

"I have been working closely with Anneli for over 12 months. Utilising Anneli’s executive development and coaching expertise helped create a personalised learning framework which has enabled me to expand my leadership capability incrementally, and yet maintain the focus on taking my broader team on the same journey. Anneli offers a unique and powerful solution to leadership development through a variety of coaching tools and insights. Anneli’s professionalism and dedication to her coaching discipline has been incredibly valuable to me and my organisation. This coaching program provided an opportunity for me to reflect and focus on what will create the most leverage in my life and business. Anneli’s coaching approach unlocked and expanded paradigms that enabled phenomenal personal and professional growth. The experience was about building, developing and applying effective leadership skills through self-leadership and enhanced self-awareness that led to clearer and more effective decision making that totally aligned with personal and corporate values."

Miled Abdulnour
General Manager, Program & Project Management
NBN Infrastructure Services - NBN Delivery
Telstra Operations

October 2012

"Thank you all very much (Anneli and the team at Motivation Matters) for the fantastic opportunity of the team-building and individual profiling sessions. We learned so much, especially me! Your time and expertise and generosity have been well beyond expectations."

Holly Reid
Menzies Incorporated

January 22, 2016

“Anneli is an extraordinary Executive Coach. I went into the program curiously, and a little cautiously, however within the first session I realised Anneli was the consummate professional in the field of human behavior. My experience provided priceless lifelong learnings which are now positively influencing my relationships at work and home making for a far more balanced and enjoyable existence. Anneli provided a safe haven where I felt comfortable to share my inner values and thoughts and challenge my beliefs. Anneli has enabled me to grow as an individual signficantly where I thought I had enough wisdom to cope - how wrong I was. I encourage those in high pressure executive/leadership roles to seriously consider reaching out to Anneli as the rewards will exceed expectations."

"Having attended various executive coaching programs over my 30 year career with Mercedes-Benz I can testify that Anneli is the most inspiring, professional and sincerely dedicated coach I have had the pleasure to experience. I looked forward to each session with her as she guided me through some challenging situations and unraveled opportunities for me to further develop my leadership skills. Anneli has a very engaging and genuine coaching method enabling her to get to my deepest inner thinking to understand reasons for behaviours thus offering incredibly valuable advice. My journey with Anneli was within a very safe environment allowing issues and concerns to be worked through without fear of repercussions. I strongly recommend coaching with Anneli Blundell, as well as her book ‘Developing Direct Reports’, to any new or seasoned high level executive."

Gary Wheatley
Director Network & Retail Operations
Daimler Truck & Bus Australia|NZ

February 4, 2015

"I worked with Anneli as part of an off-site aimed at building trust amongst a new leadership team and getting a clearer understanding of the team's drivers and personal preferences. Anneli was brilliant in her ability to connect with my team, facilitate a conversation and provide tangible suggestions on how we can better understand each other's motivations and make the most of the team dynamic. Thanks so much Anneli!"

Michael Pretty
Regional Executive Retail
National Australia Bank

October 16, 2014

"Anneli was the chairperson for Day 2 of my "Improving Talent Management" conference and she was also involved in the panel discussion. I found her to be excellent in this role, she got all of the delegates to engage with the speakers and she gave excellent perspectives on leadership strategies when she was on the panel. I would highly recommend Anneli as either a chair, speaker or panelist for any conference as she added so much value to the event."

Fionn Faherty
Conference Production Project Manager, Researcher, Marketer
Criterion Conferences

September 2013

"Anneli’s workshop on credible communications for young professionals was highly relevant, engaging and interactive. Anneli teaches what should be taught at schools and universities. Her workshop was
buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. She understands the audience and can work a room. She knows her topic and can communicate it!"

Emma Rae
CPA Australia

March 18, 2013

"Anneli facilitated several group discussions over the course of our internal training. Her ability to analyse the group discussions by relating them back to communication models, combined with strong perception skills added significant value. She reinforced the learning and application of the models and was able to create positive outcomes for all participants. Anneli is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend Anneli for any future development needs."

Russell Gale 
Finance Director / CFO 
LeasePlan Australia Limited

November 2012

"I would like to thank you very much for facilitating the Board Retreat. We did move a considerable way, despite the odds, thanks to your very competent facilitation.  What you provided was a new lens that enabled the Board to be more reflective and to focus on the processes of their decision-making.  The effect was more discussion and although some members still struggle to make a constructive contribution to debate, I believe you managed those of us with a stronger view to enable all to get a deeper insight into not only the issues but the concerns being raised. The Retreat was most valuable for the Board and you skilful facilitation has made a marked difference, which I hope will be sustained into the New Year."

Damian Lacey
Deaf Children Australia

March 23, 2012

"I had the pleasure to engage Anneli to provide communication coaching. It was possibly the single most important personal development I've received in my career, and was delivered with incredible skill, patience and thoroughness. I found the coaching with Anneli was incredibly tiring, but thought-provoking and fascinating. The way that I was stretched to think about things that I've not considered before was very positive, even as I was struggling to really appreciate the concepts during the coaching. The concepts were appropriately covered in detail as the coaching continued, and I am very satisfied with the outcomes that were achieved. Anneli took great care to understand my particular issues, and aligned the coaching specifically for the results I needed - it was a thoroughly professional engagement."

Jon Eaves
Reluctant Architect
REA Group