How to work with Anneli

As an accomplished author, speaker and communication expert specialising in decoding the people dynamics that drive performance, Anneli is regularly called upon to improve communication, engagement and performance across organisations. She offers her expertise through one to one coaching and mentoring, team workshops and masterclasses, and enterprise wide initiatives. 

Women in Leadership Masterclass

Are you a woman who wants to get ahead in her career?

The Women in Leadership one-day masterclass supports women to step in, speak up and stand out. It’s about building the confidence and communication skills to enhance your leadership presence, improve visibility and strategically manage your professional impact.



Executive Coaching

Need to improve your leadership effectiveness through greater influence, engagement and impact?

Executive coaching with a communication expert can help you reach your leadership goals. Anneli specialises in helping executives develop an effective leadership style that delivers results AND builds relationships. Building an effective leadership style is about understanding the leaders’ interpersonal skills and how they use the levers of credibility, likeability and power to influence and engage others.


Team Workshops

Need to fast track high performance for new teams? 

This team development program is about improving communication, understanding and leveraging strengths, and accelerating team performance. The program can also include a sophisticated profiling tool to uncover the below conscious motivational and attitudinal patterns that drive behaviour and communication styles.

Other team interventions and facilitated sessions are also available. 


Leading Change

Do your leaders need to become change leaders? Helping others understand, navigate and thrive through change?

This program is about normalising the experience of change by understanding the science behind our responses to it, building the resilience and mindset to move through it, and creating sustainable momentum with small, manageable commitments to action. Leading change is only effective when leaders understand the human response to change… and what to do about it.


Growing Leaders – Masterclass for developing leadership on the job

How well do your leaders develop other leaders? 

In this program, your team will learn to identify and respond to what’s really driving the dysfunctional behaviours that derail performance. Effective leadership development needs to occur in real time, on the job, and not just in the annual performance conversation. Your leaders will learn to develop the leadership skills of their teams, on the job, where it counts.

*Program based on the book: Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders


Management Essentials – Masterclass for developing performance as a new manager

Do your managers need to develop the performance of their team members?

This program is about increasing the impact of a team’s performance through tailored and targeted performance development frameworks and conversations. New leaders, supervisors and managers who need to coach and develop their people will benefit from this program.


Contact Anneli today to see how she can help *
Contact Anneli today to see how she can help
A great facilitator needs to have an acute intuition about the group in front of them and what will resonate with them. Anneli does this time and again, using appropriate models to introduce theory into the content to help people understand their own behaviour and that of others with greater clarity. Anneli comes with my highest recommendation of facilitation skills in any employee or manager group where better leadership, communication and accountability behaviours are the goals.
— Di Dale, Director People and Business Excellence, LeasePlan