A celebration! I’ve got some exciting news to share 😊

After 13 years of pounding the stage to serve my clients at conferences, off-sites, conventions and summits, I’ve taken the plunge and applied to become a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Gulp. That’s right, I’m inviting industry heavyweights to adjudicate my speaking abilities, and assess their worthiness at a global level. Yikes!

The evidence

Weeks of gathering documented evidence of all my talks, keynotes, presentations and trainings, together with the corresponding invoices, client data, advertising and marketing evidence and a video of me in action… and my submission was ready. Phew! What a mission. Big thank you to Julie from my team who pulled it all together (without her it probably wouldn’t have happened!).

The outcome

And now for the drum roll folks…… TA DA! I am so proud to announce that I am now a Certified Speaking Professional! My submission has been assessed and benchmarked to international standards, and I have passed. 😊


What is a CSP, and why should you care, I hear you ask?

A CSP designation is awarded by both Australia’s National and Global Professional Speaking bodies*. It is an internationally recognised achievement, awarded to professional speakers after a rigorous and thorough application process, who are providing high value speaking services that are in constant demand by the market. 

If a speaker is not getting booked regularly, they won’t reach the threshold required, so won’t be able to achieve their CSP. So when booking a speaker, the CSP designation is a sign that they are a safe bet and you’re in good hands. They will deliver an amazing presentation for you, like they have for thousands of other delighted clients. You won’t be disappointed. 

PS: In Australia there are only approximately 150 CSPs in total, and of those, only 50 female CSPs. 

Thank YOU!

A huge thank you to clients, past and present, for booking me again and again, and trusting me with your audiences. Without you, this designation would not be possible (obviously). Without you I would have no one to write for, to perform for, or to give my best for. I love the stage, I love my clients and I love the magic that happens when we get to play a bigger game together. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to keep doing the work I love.

 'So Anneli, if you’re so fancy pants now, can we still book you to speak for us'?

Of course you can! And in fact, I’m currently taking bookings for 2020. 

Again, thank you for all your support, and looking forward to a more productive year! Here we go...:)