The simple trick to get people to stop talking at you

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who just talks at you? You know the kind I mean. They talk and talk and talk and never seem to draw breath. It can be hard to get a word in edgewise or cut them off nicely and politely if you need to redirect or end the conversation.

A common tip to re-enter the conversation is to interject while they pause for breath. Have you noticed though that some people never seem to breathe in, and I mean NEVER! So, what then??

Try this little number on for size instead. Break into the persons one sided conversation by using their name to interject. I know cutting them off is not ideal, and you’ll know whether this is necessary or not, but if you have to get a word in, then using someone’s name (sometimes repeatedly before they hear you) is a great way to get their attention and get some air time in the conversation. There is something delicious about the sound of our own name that gets the attention of even the most determined ‘soap boxers’.

Try it out and see how you go. 

As a professional People Whisperer, Anneli has been working with leaders and teams to improve their communication and interpersonal intelligence for almost a decade.
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