Give the gift of feedback this Christmas

The better you are at giving critical feedback, the faster and deeper your people will develop.
Great leaders give critical feedback. They tell it like it is. They are heard and they inspire action. Leaders, who give targeted, real-time feedback—both good and bad—support and challenge their people to develop.
Giving critical or corrective feedback can invite negative reactions: denial, hurt, blame, and anger are possible responses. Most of us are not eager to upset others, which makes it easy to justify delayed responses or missed feedback opportunities. However, avoiding the tough stuff can have major consequences. Leaders must make the effort. They must confront their own comfort and confidence levels when faced with having hard conversations.
Withholding critical feedback is like asking someone to complete a crossword without providing all the clues. It’s simply not possible.
Without critical feedback, we don't know what we don't know; we become blind to our potential.
The better you are at giving critical feedback, the faster and deeper your people will develop. 

Growing Leaders program

For leaders of leaders who need to develop the leadership skills of their team, and support their people to grow beyond their own roadblocks. Based on the book, Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders, this program is about building each leader's capability to grow the next level of leaders, on the job – where it counts. Contact Anneli today to discuss how this program can help improve the effectiveness of leadership development in your organisation, for tailored, targeted and sustainable results.


As a professional People Whisperer, Anneli has been working with leaders and teams to improve their communication and interpersonal intelligence for almost a decade.