Foxtel’s Sky News –Business Success Program

First aired via Foxtel’s Sky News –Business Success (06 Oct 2015)

Watch Anneli Blundell’s interview on Foxtel’s Sky News –Business Success program with Heidi Armstrong. 

Anneli talks about the release of her co-authored book, Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders

Some of the topics covered include: 

  • Can leaders really change?
  • Is leadership learnable?
  • Why focusing on derailers (and not just strengths) matters
  • Why leadership development is too important to outsource
  • When developing leadership is best done on the job
  • Why behaviour change requires application not just information
  • How to support leaders who don't want to change
  • How technical specialists can develop people leadership skills also 

Want more? 

Grab your copy of Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders today.

Written for leaders who lead leaders, this book is a practical guide to address the 12 most common, globally recognised leadership derailers. It’s a resource for developing leadership, on the job.

"Great interview Anneli. I really liked your piece around leaders spending so much time on the technical skills that people development tends to take a back step...Its getting them to realise this & take action as you know being the #1 challenge!"

 - Brett Halloran, Aristocrat

"Anneli- that was a very insightful interview with loads of great ideas and references extremely well expressed. Very impressive!"

- Paul Vardy, Golf Australia

"3 words Anneli: excellent, excellent, excellent!!"

-John Alleyene, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Queensland)

"Outstanding and engaging interview. Great conversation that brings to life a challenging topic for all leaders in business. Backed up with a function tool in your recently published best selling book 'Developing Direct Reports’."

- Jason Back, Ethical Lending Concepts P/L

"Freakin' YEAH! Love it Anneli Blundell. Get on TV more. Great clarity on the problems with leading leaders!"

- Lynne Cazaly, CAZCOM

"Congratulations, Anneli! I absolutely agree with your position that leaders are responsible for helping their direct line leaders grow into their leadership... and how you brought that across. Good work!"

- 真兴旺Swee Lin Teoh, Redefining Leadership Pte. Ltd.

"Fantastic interview Anneli!! You are not only an expert in communication skills, you are a role model in it! Go you, and may your book change line managers' perspectives about their role in developing their people (through developing their selves!)."

- Karina Butera, PhD, Karina Butera Consulting Pty Ltd