How to work with Anneli

As an accomplished author and speaker on decoding the people dynamics that drive performance Anneli is regularly called upon to improve communication, engagement and performance across organisations. She offers her expertise through one to one programs, group programs and enterprise wide programs. 


People skills for high performers

  • Developing people skills in technically strong leaders.
  • It’s about helping them develop and coach their staff, build strong relationships and networks, and increase influence with stakeholders and clients.

Engagement excellence for senior executives

  • Advancing key influence and engagement skills for senior executives.
  • It’s about understanding people politics, navigating the power and relationship dynamics of senior stakeholders (boards, executive teams, industry players) and driving organisational outcomes. 

Presentation impact for committed communicators 

  • Developing a credible and confident communication style.
  • It’s about engaging presentations, visibility and impact in meetings, and a clear communication style that gets the message across.
“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
— Tom Landry


Motivational Mapping for high performance

  • Understanding why you think, act and communicate the way you do.
  • It’s about decoding interpersonal clicks and clashes, understanding behavioural drivers at a below consicousl level and leveraging individual talents for improved performance and satisfaction.


Offsite and on track

  • A facilitated leadership offsites that allow your team to deal with the hot issues without getting off track.
  • It’s about open communication, committed conversation and covering what you wanted to, to get what you needed to

Meeting matters

  • An antidote program for long winded, unstructured, or unproductive meetings.
  • It’s about hearing all voices, covering the core and owning the outcomes.

Team Traction 

  • A team development program to fast track high performance for new teams.
  • It’s about improving communication and connection, understanding and leveraging strengths and accelerating team performance.
A great facilitator needs to have an acute intuition about the group in front of them and what will resonate with them. Anneli does this time and again, using appropriate models to introduce theory into the content to help people understand their own behaviour and that of others with greater clarity. Anneli comes with my highest recommendation of facilitation skills in any employee or manager group where better leadership, communication and accountability behaviours are the goals.
— Di Dale, Director People and Business Excellence, LeasePlan


Personal Leadership

  • Growing future leaders through advanced communication and interpersonal skills.
  • It’s about increasing professional visibility, improving communication and confidence and fast tracking future leadership. 

 Priming 4 performance

  • Teaching managers how to develop the performance of their people on the job.
  • It’s about understanding how leadership impacts learning, creating the conditions that drive development and providing a framework of sustainable support to make it happen.

Leading leadership

  • Supporting senior leaders to develop the leadership potential in others. 
  •  It’s about decoding observable behaviours to understand the driving intention, developing awareness and the ability to adapt, and creating a targeted action plan to support sustainable change.

 Strategic influence

  • Providing advanced communication and influence skills for high stakes communications.
  • It’s about decoding below conscious attitudes and motivations, reading between the lines, and responding strategically to what’s said, what’s unsaid and what’s unconsciously said.

 Change matters

  • Helping organisations understand, navigate and thrive through change.
  • It’s about normalising the experience of change by understanding the science behind our responses to it, building the resilience and mindset to move from surviving to thriving through change, and creating sustainable momentum through manageable commitments to action.

 Making it stick

  • Ensuring learning sticks around after the formal training event.
  • It’s about transfer of learning, increased ownership and engagement of the participants and ongoing accountability for outcomes.

 Learning reloaded

  • Breathing new life into an old training program that has become buried under new priorities. 
  • It’s about extending the learning opportunities, extracting full value, and keeping the program alive. 
I worked with Anneli as part of an off-site aimed at building trust amongst a new leadership team and getting a clearer understanding of the team’s drivers and personal preferences. Anneli was brilliant in her ability to connect with my team, facilitate a conversation and provide tangible suggestions on how we can better understand each other’s motivations and make the most of the team dynamic. Thanks so much Anneli!
— Michael Pretty, Regional Executive Retail, National Australia Bank (February 4, 2015)
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Contact her today to discuss how she can help
“In a recent gathering of Women Entrepreneurs from WCEI, Anneli Blundell captured the essence of the importance of communication and it’s impact on the effectiveness of an organisation. Anneli offered thought provoking methodology and suggested ways to the group that would improve our productivity using techniques that will enhance our businesses and relationships with both staff and customers.
In her excellent presentation, it was evident that Anneli had considerable expertise in this discipline and possessed an ability herself to communicate effectively to her audience.”
— Diane Tompson, Managing Director, The Powercom Group (September 2013)