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Leverage learning on the job

Supporting managers to develop the performance that matters

Why this program?

Priming for performance is the foundation for on the job learning. What managers say, do, and think primes the development canvass for their teams in the workplace.

Traditional development dynamics are broken. Classroom training is not translating into sustainable results back on the job and managers under-estimate the impact they have on the career development of their teams.

Leaders of tomorrow crave relevant, hands-on, and challenging development opportunities. They need an environment that supports their growth on the job, in real time, where it counts the most for both the organisation and the individual. 

Developing performance in people is a skill that managers can learn. That’s where Priming 4 Performance can help.

An organisation develops people; it either forms them or deforms them.
— Peter Drucker

What’s involved?

Supporting your managers to become primers for great performance requires a focus on the mission, the mindset and the mechanics that drives business outcomes.


  • What’s the team members development goal and how does it support the business strategy? 


  • How does the managers’ mindset impact the way they develop their team?


  • How does the managers’ skill level affect the development opportunities of their team?

Performance improvement is proven to be a result of trying on the job, not just training in the classroom.

With the skills learnt in the Priming 4 Performance program, managers increase the impact of their team’s performance from potentially languishing on the job, to leading themselves and others and eventually leaving their own legacy.

Performance development grounded in reality, relevance and results.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to discover it in himself.
— Galileo
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